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WKO - Trainer & Second's Online Course

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The one and only Combat Sports courses for coaches who are corner men in Martial Arts based Ringsports. This course gives and in-depth introduction of the roles, duties and skills required to be a safe and competent Trainer/Second to act in the best interests of your fighters. Elements covers in this On-line course are: Duties as a cornerman Dealing with swelling Dealing with cuts Concussion Commotio Cordis Safeguarding Diet & Nutrition Hydration Peak Performance Optimal Performance Cardiac Arrest CPR Hand wrapping Weight cutting dangers Making weight Anti Doping Licencing & Insurance Once you have a basic understanding of each of the above elements, you may wish to progress to being a specialist in some or many of them. By undertaking this course, you have taken a major step to making Ringsports a much safer sport for our athletes.

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